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Alexis & Adams Awesome Wedding in Burton Ohio!

We asked Alexis how she met Adam and she said on a popular dating app called Tinder. We have met so many young couples utilizing online dating sites. Which makes sense with how busy everyone is these days, it is hard to take time for yourself let alone to find that one person who just makes sense to spend forever with. Well on May 22, 2014, Alexis did just that. It started with a hello and ended with forever and always.

They chose to meet for the first time at a popular hangout spot called the Winking Lizard in Fairlawn, Ohio. Adam and Alexis immediately found they shared some fun things in common, like their love for a good beer. They said everywhere they venture together they love to sample new beers and collect beer glasses to remember their travels. They both love to travel and it was on their Maine vacation that Adam finally knew that Alexis was going to be his one and only. Alexis said she didn’t have a defining moment that she actually knew Adam was her forever person. She just remembers always smiling when Adam looked at her and how much fun they had together no matter what they did. Plus Oreo’s, her cat, giving the seal of approval synched the deal.  A little over a year later on a family Disney Trip Adam proposed to Alexis in front of her favorite Disney princess, Ariel.

The couple has many fun stories to tell but one that stuck out for sure was their first summer together on a trip canoeing with family and friends. Alexis said she was so tired from paddling all day she set her oars down for a rest and peaked back at Adam only to find him sitting back relaxing eating a bag of chips and his paddle across his lap! I laughed so hard I cried.

The couples Wedding Day took place behind the Adams family home at the Troy Community Center in Burton, Ohio. The day was filled with blue skies and puffy white clouds. Alexis never stopped smiling the entire day. Shortly after getting into her beautiful gown Alexis shared a heartfelt first look with her Daddy before sharing one with Adam.

We also were introduced to another important family member, Adams dog. Alexis purchased her wedding gown at Evaline’s Bridal out of Warren, Ohio, the same place her mother purchased her wedding dress. And her beautiful floral bouquets were designed by Michael Hanna of Flower Power Floral Designs out of Akron, Ohio. Adam and his Groomsmen wore Tuxedos from the Men’s Warehouse out of Fairlawn, Ohio.

After the couple was pronounced husband and wife they shared a picnic style Mexican Buffet of burritos cooked up by one of their groomsmen. They were really delicious! Later the couple brought out donuts to treat their guests with as they cut their cake.

The evening continued with family and friends dancing the night away under the Troy Community Center pavilion.

Thank you to all the vendors that helped make this evening special and to one amazing couple we are sure to never forget. Congratulations Alexis and Adam!


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