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Team Sports Additional Items

The items displayed below are examples only.  Colors and backgrounds will vary based on school and school colors.

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Sports Ticket Magnets

Our popular ticket product is a set of two, 2”x 8” graphics-enhanced photographic prints. The template and color theme will be vary based on school and sport.
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4 x 6 Metal Desk Print

The 4x6 metal print is a fantastic way to display your sports image; just bend the easel back out to stand in portrait or landscape position. This product is fully covered with image.
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Acrylic Key Chain

Key chains are a great way to always have sports pictures close by. They have the same image on both the front and back sides. Size: 1.75x2.75 image
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8 x 10 Statuettes

This is a great solution for displaying photos on horizontal surfaces such as mantles and desks. The acrylic statuettes are 8 x 10 and work well for ¾ and full length sports and event type subjects, as well as a host of other unique photo opportunities. A fun dimensional alternative to flat prints!
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Dog Tags

Dog tags have a print on one side and a Luminescence side (brushed silver base).
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Mouse Pad

Your sports image printed on a thin, approximately 3/32” thick, neoprene base. This makes a terrific gift option for all ages.
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Bottle Cap Magnet Necklace

This is possibly the most underused, but desirable novelty item in our extensive line of premium add-on products for your sports image. It includes an adorable magnetic photo button that can be easily removed and interchanged with separately ordered image magnets. Removable magnetic image button in a silver tone bottle cap Includes 18" easy-fasten black rubber cord necklace
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8" x 10" Plaque (Walnut Finish)

This beautiful, high visual impact gifting opportunity must be experienced to truly be appreciated. The dye sub-image is protected with a high gloss surface and literally pops off the surface of the finished wood laminate plaque. Comes in a 8x10. Background and colors vary based on school and sport.
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8" x 10" Sports Mate ( Team & Individual Picture)

8x10 Sports Mate photo composite prints utilize an individual sports subject along with their larger sized group photo. Designs vary based on School and sport. Most are designed with school logo.
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Trader Cards

8 Trading Cards, printed on heavy, glossy surface digital press card stock, trading cards are a favorite for all ages. The design and colors and details will vary based on School and sport.
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Keepsake Ornament

This keepsake ornament is printed on stunning pearl paper and mounted on clear acrylic plastic and laser cut to shape.
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12" x 18" Wall Clings

Flexible, adhesive backed Wall Clings are great for rooms, lockers, school walls, gyms, and many other places where you want to display a print without framing or putting holes in the wall. The design and colors vary based on School and type of sport.